Emergency Evacuation Plan

Fire Alarm Systems are active throughout the building, including:
– A main alarm panel (located on the first floor)
– Electric alarm bells (located on every floor)
– Individual alarm systems (located in each unit)

Once a fire is detected by the building alarm system; the panel on the first floor will display a light
indicating what floor the alarm is being reported. The fire alarm will sound throughout the entire building, alerting all residents that a fire have been detected. Upon hearing the fire alarm, residents should begin their evacuation down the nearest stairway that is free of smoke and/or flames. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS!

lf you are in your apartment place your hand on the inside of your door. lf it DOES NOT feel warm or hot,
slowly open the door. lf there is no smoke or flames in the hall, exit your apartment and close the door behind you. Proceed to the nearest fire exit on your floor and exit the building at ground level.

lf you are in your apartment and the inside of your door DOES feel warm or hot, DO NOT open the door.

Anyone who is unable to evacuate for any reason should take shelter in the stairwell and wait to be
rescued or, close the door to your apartment and wait on the balcony to be rescued.

lf you are not in your apartment, but in the building, when the fire alarm is sounding, go to the nearest exit and leave the building. FOR YOUR SAFETY, DO NOT RETURN TO YOUR APARTMENT FOR ANY REASON. 

lf you have or discover a fire in the building call 911 immediately. lf you are able, pull the nearest alarm box (located at the end of each hallway). DO NOT try to fight the fire first!

NEVER throw water on an electric fire

Once the fire has been extinguished and an assessment has been made of the damage, the fire department will provide an update on the extent of the damage, and a determination will be made on whether the residents can return to the building.