Claim Your Stake
in Peak 10

We are excited to announce we’ve partnered with Rhove to empower you to own a stake in the place you call home!
Rhove is turning renters into owners. For too long, renters have been left out from the benefits of ownership in our communities. They are on a mission to change that. With Rhove, you can own a stake in your apartment.

Now, everyone can be a stakeholder at Peak 10 Properties. We work closely with the community, encouraging residents to take pride in their homes and participate in where they live. This partnership is just one of the many things that make Park Layne Apartments, The Rockwood, and Riverstone Apartments such desirable Dayton communities to live in.

We strive to create incredible value for our Grafton Hill neighborhood and now you can participate with us in this mission.

Join the movement today. Just download the Rhove app to claim your stake.

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